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For an inventor, owning his own patent is vital so that no one could steal the exclusive rights away from him. Get the services of the best patent lawyers should be considered by an inventor because it will help him to file provisional patent and even assist him for regular patent application in the future.

Provisional patent is the exclusive rights reserved by The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to a particular inventor over his innovative and unique creation. It paves the way to safe keep the rights bestowed to him against those who will steal his invention for possible counterfeit, abuse and third-party selling. The top of the line purpose why patent has been created over the years is to allow the inventor to recover from the underlying overhead expenses during the work flow processes. Aside from that, it will also give the inventor the chance to accumulate more revenues as he faces the ongoing competition in the global market.

This can strengthen the claim of the inventor for his exclusive rights even before applying for regular patent which all the time takes longer. It will protect the inventor for possible counterfeit before patentability regularization is fully realized under the bulwark of provisional patent.

Since this is only temporary, submitting application for regular patent must be fully extended with the help of the tier1 patent lawyers. Regular Patent is one way to maximize the duration after several actions have been taken. However, the way to apply for regular patent takes a lot of time and effort and the need for a patent lawyer is highly needed. The entire steps to be considered to apply for regular patent are not easy. You have to be patient and you have to be determined to prove to everyone that your invefntion is unique and convince how it differs from others. Usually, when one applies for regular patent, acceptance seldom happens. The responsibility of the patent attorney in this period is to repackage the whole application and raise new information so it will be realized the next time around.

The role of the patent attorney is very vital during the entire processes. It is the responsibility of the attorney to keep abreast of new information about a particular invention and conducts various chronological searches whether regularization or provisional patent has already been granted for products or services having the same characteristics. If in case the lawyer find out that somebody already has the same products or services with his client and such products are already protected by patency laws, the lawyer may not proceed to continue the application. But, if proven that the claim is valid, the process will continue until the application is fully granted.

If your idea is not protected adequately, you will be more protective of it. But if you have a valid patent, you are more free to discuss your idea with others, knowing that it is yours. However, if an application is poorly-written, you may have the illusion and feeling of security. Then, if you act that way and you actually are not secure, you may wind up losing your idea, and the potential that comes with it.

File provisional patent to secure your exclusive rights over your very own creation. Provisional patent will guard your ideas and creations against illegal claim and possible counterfeit.

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Searching for My Patent Attorney

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This article was published on 2010/11/10