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The Google Patents is comparatively new website and the website is continuously including more documents to the database. The advantage of Google website is that one can download the full pdf's of the patents to the desktops. The added feature is that the pdfs consists of drawings also.
Yet, if your patent application search from Google site could not offer much success, then you can search the USPTO website. You can enter in your system all the elements that are akin to your invention such as the title, abstract, specification, and the claims. Now you can get details of all the issued patents as well as Published patents.

Most of the patent software has an abstract idea. In order to be eligible for patenting, the practical application of the invention ought to be explained. Regrettably, in the past a number of patent applications have elaborated abstract ideas that are done by a computer, without giving any account of the manner by which the computer uses those abstract ideas. Now, it is made very clear that the patent should explain the practical application if the patent is to be awarded to the inventor.  

Patent software applications must consist of how an invention is executed both in the specification as well as in the claims. In short, the utility details of the important inventive element should be elaborated precisely by the inventor. By following this procedure, software inventions is feasible to be patented even if the invention is on the basis of abstract ideas.

Trademark is yet another way of protecting your array of products and identifying a logo, design or  some words in relation to similar a product that are traded in the market. The patent trademark enables you to identify your product from other products of similar category. Trademark is especially vital in the case of branded goods that are liable to get duplicated in the market and because of this you may incur loss of reputation as well as income, being the seller of an original product. Yet, you need to bear in mind that patent trademark does not give protection of your product, in case someone duplicates your logo or design.

In order to get the trademark patent, you are required to access the application form from the PTO or you can download the same from their website. While applying, you have to submit an image of your mark. The remaining steps in making an application for trademark registration is the same as that of patent registration and you have to elaborate your company’s activity, the mark you want to register and your product that will get benefited from the patenting of trademark.

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Patent application search – USPTO portal offers best results

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Patent application search – USPTO portal offers best results

This article was published on 2013/07/25